Electric Brake Controller

Have you ever watched a trailer being towed on the road? If you have then you would understand the importance of an electric brake controller which acts as a safety measure when a heavy trailer is being towed on the road. These trailer brakes are applied simultaneously when the vehicle towing the trailer applies the brake. These brakes would depend on various conditions like the speed in which the trailer is travelling on the road, what is the braking pressure needed and what is the deceleration rate.  Of the electrical brake is not adjusted properly the trailer might skid and stop working. This would create unnecessary hassle.

How does the brake controller function?

The Electric Brake Controller receives the electrical current from the main vehicle when the brakes are pressed and then the electrical controller applies the brake to in a simultaneously manner. The brake controller is attached to the stop watch and the battery of the vehicle. When the vehicle brakes are applied then the electrical controller is depressed.

Electric Brake ControllerWhat are the different types available in the market?

The brake controller is available in two varieties. These are the proportional controllers and time delay controllers.

Proportional controllers

Another name for this type of brake controllers is inertia controllers. This uses the principle of how fast the towed trailer would stop and the power required to stop it in a proportional manner. Here when the vehicle applies the brakes the brake controller also simultaneously applies the brake.

Time delay controller

In this type of brake controller the driver has to adjust the various weights before the brake controller applies the brake. If the adjustment is not accurate the towed trailer would suddenly stop.

What is the mechanics behind these brake controllers?

They are two half moon shaped brake shoes on each wheel. These are attached to the brake plate. At the bottom of the brake shoes there is a stop watch while at the top are the arms. In the lower area of the arm is an electro magnet. The brake plate is attached to the trailer axle and thru this axle the bearing and the hub spindle passes thru it. The wheel bearings are contained in the hub and are an important part of the brake drum. The brake drum is made of heavy steel material and the inside area is very smooth. When the brakes are applied the brake shoe presses against this surface. The electric currents from the brake controller touch the electro magnet which then attaches to the brake drum which is spinning. This spinning movement causes the brake shoes to touch the brake drums when the vehicle brakes are applied and the brake controller applies the brake to0.

Are they any safety features?

The Electric Brake Controller system has a breakaway system which acts like a safety circuit. This system becomes effective when the trailer tow is not attached well. There is a battery in the trailer and this has a closed switch. The area of the switch is connected by non-conductive plastic and then further attached to the lanyard. The lanyard is then attached to the trailer. If the trailer gets detached then the lanyard would be pulled and the battery brakes would be applied. This would stop the trailer.

How would you adjust your brake controller?

1.    The tow vehicle needs to be attached to the trailer. Connect the electrical connections in a correct manner.

2.    You can drive at a 45 mph and warm the trailer, for over a quarter mile.

3.    Now tow the trailer in an area where there is no traffic.

4.    Set the power control knob in the mid setting.

5.    Again drive for a few minutes and release the accelerator.

6.    In front of the brake controller slide the manual control lever.

7.    Check the trailers breaking action. If the trailer has skidded set the setting in the next level.

8.    You can again undertake the driving and brake test and adjust the settings accordingly. Continue the adjustments until you feel the tight level has been made.